Classic Dash

Dash when he was 12

Dash is the First born of Sonic and Sally in Sega X.

He shares the throne with his brother Abram Acorn

History Edit

Birth and early lifeEdit

Dash was born on the 400000000 of mobius's exsistance and he and his brother gained fame when born. He and his brother constantly had to deal with the media. While his brother was a Royalty Boy. Dash Spent his time in the garden and ran around it. He loved to be like his father Sonic and had the brains of his mother Sally Acorn.

Fighting eggman Cyber and the Wonder YearsEdit

Eggman cyber attacked the kingdom while no one was exspecting it, He loved to see mobiens suffer for what they did to his Father. Dash was hangging out with lara-sue when gards captured his parents. Dash and Lara ran outside before the gardss got them. They teamed up and beat many of the dark legion invaders. Maneging to free others that had been captured. After Shadow Andriod Launched tikaous and cause the calamidies. After his younger siblings said. Dash! Be like daddy fighting Perfect Chaos. Dash Used tikals prayer to sommon the emeralds and became super dash. After beating tikaous. Sonic formulated the Freedom fighters of the Future and put all of his friends's Children in it. Puting Dash as the leader.

The war with eggman cyber started shortly after Dash gave up royalty to fight against Eggman Cyber. Sonic Then put his brother as king. Dash then lead for five years fighting eggman cybers army. Before the Fighting with eggman cyber started. Dash Meet his best friend and New Rival Lucas The Hedgecat. Thats before he found out that he was the New Hero of mobius thanks to Lucas. After Dash won the war with his friends along with his brother. 2 Wonder Years went by full of exsitment and adventure. Dash then helped his younger brother Emerald master his speed.