Emerald fold arms

Emerald is the last son of sonic and sally and is the physical body of the master Emeralds power.

Emerald is the last son of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally acorn(in archie). He is the phisical inbodyment of the master emeralds power and is the most importaint being in the realm of the Chaos. He was born on day 200005 of mobius's exsistance. Little was known about him till it was discovered by Knuckles The Echidna that he was the Master Emeralds Physical form.


Emeralds was born as the last son of Sonic the Hedgehog and came in while all the reast of his siblings were already grown up. He was looked apon as the prince of Mobius and he also was morned for.(Scence he was thought to be mute). While being looked down apon, However on one day, Emerald was walking far away when he discovered his true power. And he ran faster than anyone (besides his father Sonic The Hedgehog) .could ever do. He found himself near the clif of the jungle and saw the amazing birth of the Little Island 2. He quickly ran and flew onto the little planet that exsisted near the edge of nowere.

The Gardian of the Tri-EmeraldsEdit

Emerald fownd the Tri Emeralds and harnesed there power via a stone in the jungle.He also was found by an acient stone who thought Emerald was the choosn one and he quikly became the gardian of the tri-Emeralds. Upon this, Emerald returned back to Mobius Castle and wrote in his adventure book about his amazing discovery. Ever scence then, He constantly goes back and gards the path to the Tri Emeralds With a Flaming Emerald-Green Sword.

Emerald the Hedgehog: The Master Emerald Edit

One night, While Knuckles Lied assleap with his wife. He awoke and lost control for the master emerald had called him. Everyone ran after knuckles and hoped that he would calm down. When the chaos emeralds Incucled Knuckles. He told everyone who The master Emeralds Phisical Inbodyment was. It was Emerald. He was nolonger looked apon as a prince of the planet mobius, But as the vary well Master Emerald.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Emerald's speed has no limitation. Able to outrun anything or anyone that chalenges him. He can break through the sound berrier in 0000000.0001 Time( Just like Sonic). He can also use chaos energy for attaks. Also Emerald can take Chaos energy from beings and can give energy. He also can do anything the master emerald can. He is so powerfull. That he can transform into Super Or Hyper Even Pure White without any chaos emeralds. He also controls chaos emeralds and even small amounts of sol. (Just like Violet,can controll a little of chaos.) Emerald has extrodanary abilities.


Emerald does not have a weakness. But when the master emerald starts to get negative energy, He starts turning a darker green.