Lucas The Hedgacat

Lucas The Hedgecat is the last hedgecat in known exsistance in the Sega X universe. He is the Son of James and Martha Hedgecat.

History Edit

After There task was done, Lucas's parents left acorn and gave birth to lucas. How they died is uwkouwn and it was persumed that they did not have any children but lucas was born. He lived a life of travel till he was 17 and trained to be a gaurd at acorn. Then he left and jurnied to Acorn and became a gaurd the day of Abrahms Coranation and was recived vary well. Even being put at the Kings Best Friend Only Table (Though many argue that its becuse he was his personal body gaurd). As soon as King Sonic Learned that Lucas was The Son of James And Martha, He became a high-seat of Acorn and Chief of Gaurds. But Lucas only wanted to be Abrahms Gaurd.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lucas is the balance of positive and Negative Energy, So he can fly and shoot out Energy Blast when his fist are balled up. He seems to match sonic, and Dash's Speed, Even possibly Emeralds as demonstrated during the fight on Space Colony Ark for the master emerald.