Sega x

SEGA X is a series that takes place in the archie universe and Sega universe. 30 years after the main events of the story(archie) and during the main storyline (Sega). We find King Sonic along with his wife Queen Sally along with there children.(Archie) We find the Sonic Heroes and some new friends.

Here they are in order of birth:

Edwerd of Acorn (shares thron with twin Dash)

William(dash the hedgehog by friends) Hedgehog

Emily hedgehog (future queen of mobius)

Sally the second (Futre Judge of mobius)

Emerald the hedgehog (Little known)

Many of the other Sonic Archie charachters have children

Miles tails prowler+ Amy:Sky prowler, Amyjr. (called amy by friends)

Silver and Blaze: Athens the phykik

Venice and Winter: Ice the cat

Shadow and rouge: Sara the bat

Vector and Samantha croc: Agavile

Tie And Marie: Melony and Chuk

Espio and Unkown: Sara the chamilion

Knuckles And Sonia The Hedgehog: Rojer the echidna Lara Su the Echidna


Sonic the Hedgehog: 20 Year old Hedgehog big on adventure and with a big attitude, With a big Heart to mach.

Miles tails Prowler: A 14 year old fox and whants to be just like sonic

Knuckles the Echidna: the last Echidna and the gardian of the master emerald.

Amy Rose: A 13 year old hedgehog and a amazing girl with her hammer( she whants everyone to have one to)

Cream and cheese: Lovers of life and kind to death!!!

Tie Waner: New to the Sonic Heroes and the last of his kind in exsistance, Tie is 14 and loves to learn and be just like tails.