The Seven Hex Emeralds

The Seven Hex Emeralds: Yellow: Power Red:Destruction LIGHT BLUE: Hope Silver: peace Green: Happiness dark topaz: Safety White: Purity

The seven Hex Emeralds are seven of the most powerfull emeralds in the universe. Each color has a power:

Yellow: Power, Gives the user power

Red: Distruction, Gives the user distruction

Light blue: Hope, Gives The user Hope

Silver: Peace, Gives the user Peace

Green: Happynes, Give the user happyness

Dark Topaz: Safty, Gives the user invincability and safty.

Whight: Purity, The most powerfull of the seven,The controller must have a pure heart of only good.

When all seven are collected,The being becomes pure white transformation with the power of percicly

(100,000,000,000 NORMALS)

(100,000,000 SUPERS)


The only thing that can beat a pure white is omega transformation.

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